Thursday, September 16, 2004

Here I am!

I have done it! I have always wanted to write where someone would actually read what I had to say. This is my big opporutnity! Do they have counters on these things so that I can see how many people are reading my deep thoughts? This could really help my self-confidence or maybe it could be a dose of reality?!
Here I am surrounded by cornfields, yet daydreaming of the coast. Thoughts of life seem clearer when I am on the coast and can hear the sound of the waves crashing in. All of life makes more sense with that backdrop. The cds you by of recordered waves just don't seem to have the same effect. There must be the damp air and the smell of salt water in order to give the full effect. Oh, how I love the coast! I feel like I am a coastal person. I even get Coastal Living, but for some reason I am living and have always lived in the middle of the country surrounded by cornfields!
I guess cornfields aren't that bad. The sunsets are unbeatable above them and they do create a bit of depth to these flatlands. There just aren't any sound effects to give that clear-minded feeling.
I can't wait till my next visit to the coast.
Until then......the thoughts will have to come from the cornfields.
Welcome to my blog.