Friday, October 01, 2004

San Francisco

This is my second attempt at writing about San Francisco. I was already to publish it, and then my explorer closed on me and it wansn't saved. My precious memories and writings gone forever. They are off in cyberworld..... Oh, well. I will rewrite and go on!
Since I last wrote, I have been to the coast! Oh how refreshing! Darren and I visited San Francisco last week for our 9 year anniversary! Wow, 9 years. I feel old! This was our 2nd visit to San Fran. I love it! I am not sure why the city clicks so well with me. It is ultra liberal...I am not. It is artsy...I can't draw a stick man. It is very hip...I am not sure I fit in that category. It brings out a part in me that I did not know existed. It makes me want to move to the city and live in a townhouse on Nob Hill. It makes me want to be metropolitan. It makes me enjoy eating in Chinatown and eating something that I saw hanging from the ceiling that afternoon!
It causes me to try new things! The adventurer in me comes out!
My little town in the middle of the cornfields seems quite boring and same old same old when I return from San Francisco. I guess maybe after I had lived on Nob Hill, it would be the same. I find it hard to convice myself that it would become boring. Oh, the midwest is good for clearing your palette. It cleanses the soul so that when you do travel you are ready to taste new and exciting things.
Traveling always reminds me that life is huge! Day in and day out in my normal routine and can make me think only of myslef and my needs, but when I travel, I realize that life goes on everyday for everyone no matter where they are and everyone's lives are very different yet so much the same! Well, maybe that is too deep for tonight.
Until next time....
-dreaming about San Francisco